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JT Magbe Contracting, LLC

JT Magbe Contracting, LLC specialize in mulching, servicing the state of Georgia. The mulching equipment has a special mulching head which will complete difficult tree and vegetation clearing easily. Whether the mulching is required for trees, scrub, overgrown sections of land or to clear trails and walkways in areas of forestry. Our mulching services can be used for small and large vegetation clearing projects, domestic or commercial, rural or around suburban housing (space permitted). We can use our mulching equipment to clear behind or around buildings as well as in open spaces or forestry. Roads, highways, pipelines and other utility’s benefit from mulching as a single machine can remove over hanging branches, stumps & free standing trees. Not only can mulching be a commercial job for your fruit tree farms but also for residential land clearing projects. No need to get your hands dirty anymore leave it to us!

Our Commercial Mulching Services

·         Mulching - stone fruit trees & orchards

·         Weed control in commercial orchards

·         Clearing paddocks for new crops

·         Forest clearing & mulching

·         Mulching for the Parks & Wildlife services

·         Council work mulching roadside trees & thick grass

·         General vegetation clearing & mulching

·         Cutting Fire breaks and fire buffer zones

·         Mulching of Lantana weeds & mulching of thick grass

·         Mulching of heavy and light vegetation

·         Vegetation clearing for site preparation & land development

·         Cutting and maintenance of nature & recreational trails

·         Creating building protection zones around assets

·         Creating hazard protection zones around assets

·         Clearing vegetation along highways and roadsides

·         Mulching services for weed control

·         Clearing bush, trees & scrub from large acreage

·         Clearing scrub and vegetation from banks

·         Clearing access tracks in national parks

·         Forestry mulching & maintenance

Our Domestic Mulching Services

When it comes to vegetation clearing, our mulching equipment is designed for just about any job you can think of, including projects such as:

·         General vegetation clearing & mulching

·         General mulching services

·         Mulching of Lantana weeds & mulching of thick grass

·         Mulching of Heavy and light vegetation

·         Vegetation clearing for Site preparation & land development

·         Creating building protection zones around assets

·         Mulching services for weed control

·         Clearing large acreage & access tracks

·         Tidy overgrown blocks or areas of land

Mulching Equipment

Our forestry machine is a Terex PT 100G which has a F.A.E mulcher attachment. This mulching machine has the ability to mulch a tree up to a 300ml diameter at any height. Our forestry mulcher, masticator, or brushcutter, uses a rotary drum equipped with steel chipper tools (“teeth”) to shred trees and vegetation.

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  • Thin and Beautify Woodland
  •  Land Clearing
  • Brush Mowing & Mulching
  • Tree Clearing and Mulching
  • Detention Ponds
  • Retention Ponds
  • Mowing/ Mulching Creek Banks
  • Subdivision Reclamation      
  • ROW Clearing (Right of Ways)
  • Fence Lines
  • Survey Lines
  • Storm Clean Up
  • Pasture Reclamation
  • Firebreaks (Wildfire Prevention)
  • Underbrush
  • Logging Clean Up
  • Trails                     


  • Licensed - Licensed Utility Contractor with at least one Licensed Utility Manager on staff.
  • Insured - General Liability with Worker Comp.
  • Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Certified:   Level 1B - Certified Inspector