North Georgia's Detention Pond, Retention Pond and Lake Specialist!

*****  County Approved Contractor  *****

  • Georgia Licensed Utility Contractor with a Licensed Utility Construction Manager on staff

  • Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Certified:   Level 1B

** Certified  Inspector **

Stormwater Management

Our goal is to reduce maintenance costs while building trusting long-term relationships with our clients.


     At JT MAGBE Contracting we can address any Stormwater, Detention Pond, Retention Pond, Lake or Drainage issue you may have. We can provide a repair plan that will work within your budget to ensure that your pond functions properly and to reduce future maintenance cost.

What Makes Us Different?

     We are a full service civil infrastructure site development contracting firm. During the past twenty plus years we have built dozens of retention ponds, detention ponds and lakes. As a result we have a unique level of experience and understanding of the structural and functional needs and requirements of your pond or lake. 

     Unlike most landscape and brush mowing companies, all services can be handled and completed in house by our company with no need to sub out part of our service. This ensures our ability to provide a competitive cost while providing the highest quality possible.

**   Others Only Brush Mow or Weed Eat Your Pond    **

**This Alone Can Cost You More Maintenance In The Long Run**

Let Me Show You How You Can Reduce Your Future Maintenance Cost!


** Restoration and Maintenance Plans within your Budget **

HOA Financing Options Available

Services and Capabilities

Detention Pond, Retention Pond and Lake Maintenance:

  •  Reduce Your Future Maintenance Cost!

  •   Complete Restoration - Guaranteed to get your Pond Local and State compliant!
  •   Inspection - Maintenance Programs (Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual) to keep your pond compliant.
  •   Clearing - Forestry Mulching - Brush Mowing
  •   De-mucking
  •   Dam Repair
  •   Underground Detention Ponds
  •   Drainage Ponds
  •   Piping, Water Quality and Outlet Control Maintenance -       Repair
  •   Catch Basin and Manhole Cleaning
  •   Slope Stabilization
  •   General Pond Upkeep
  •   General Beautification
  •   Emergency Response: Flooding